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ONAK: how an origami canoe went viral

It's rare to see a startup team in Belgium launch their product with a Kickstarter campaign , probably because it takes considerable skill to pull it off. A crowdfunding campaign is basically do or die - you have 6 weeks to make it work. This is already a big ask,...

Case: spontaneous applications at Atlas Copco quadrupled

Announcements by industrial companies and associations are as regularly as clockwork: Belgium has a shortage of around 3,000 engineers. This is also the case at Atlas Copco , whose global headquarters for 'Compressor Technique' located in Wilrijk employs around 700 engineers. Every year the company looks for about a hundred...

Cassina fights againts Le Corbusier counterfeits

In 1965 Cassina was chosen by Le Corbusier himself to be the only manufacturer with exclusive global manufacturing rights for iconic models such as the LC2 armchair and the LC4 chaise longue. Unfortunately this fame makes the chairs attractive for counterfeiters. Cassina organised an event to destroy around 75 pieces...

Case: Projective

THE CHALLENGE FINN was asked to identify all Projective’s marketing and communication needs, to develop a strategy and implement the planning and development of the entire communication mix, including media relations. Because Projective is still a very young company (established in 2006) it was particularly important to start out with...

Jan De Nul

The Challenge

Marketing and Branding for law firms: Beyond Positioning

TABLE OF CONTENTS The positioning strategy Branding: the "house of brands" versus "the branded house" Branding the law firm through media exposure ABSTRACT






"I knew of FINN's impressive success rate through their work in the Belgian startup and scale-up scene. When the time came to find communication support for my book, FINN was the obvious choice. I was not disappointed. I was able to publish my content as a contributor on international tech and entrepreneurship blogs like Venture Beat and SaaScribe. I would recommend FINN as a great choice for scale-ups looking to take their thought leadership and communication to the next level. They are strategically sound, tactically smart and have deep expertise in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship."

Omar Mohout
Growth Engineer & Scale-Up Guru

"In our first meeting, FINN talked about targeting international blogs like TechCrunch and VentureBeat. I remember going out of the meeting thinking: "if FINN delivers half of what they promise, it will be a success."

Two years later, I look back and see that the FINN team delivered results beyond what they promised. We were the first Belgian startup to get featured on TechCrunch and VentureBeat with our seed round. Post-launch, a steady stream of op-eds and campaigns resulted in strong awareness of Sortlist in our target demographic. As a founder, I learned a lot working with the FINN team - they're top professionals, and we look forward to replicating this success in the other markets that we are expanding to today."

Nicolas Finet

“With FINN we established a strategic communication plan to support our employer brand. The campaign activities demonstrate that our project was a real success. We are looking forward to continued impressive results for our employer branding with FINN using earned media as well as owned and social media.”

Kristian Vandenhoudt
Vice President Human Resources, Compressor Technique Service Division

"What differentiates FINN is that they make me think. When FINN tells me something about the context in which we're working or the trends and ideas dominating the world on any given day - I listen. Such insights are rare, not to mention valuable."

Ronnie Leten
Global President & CEO